Our Mission

The OC9 is a creative place to find just the right song to further a career, a company, or a project.

About Us:

The OC9 Music Group is an exciting, new concept.  It’s made up of great and diverse songwriters and artists who have an enormous amount of knowledge, experience, and contacts in the music industry.  The customer of the OC9 Music Group is the high-quality artist with a huge passion for their craft and wants room to grow, to be their best, in a healthy, fun, creative, and supportive environment.  This unique group has a diverse music library for the artist to choose from.  The artist can also choose to write songs directly with members of the OC9. The OC9 wants to see the artist succeed.  The OC9 Music Group will empower the artist with great songs, demos, top performance skills, shows, promotion, and every tool they need to have their best chance at the music career they desire.  The artist will leave the collaboration, with OC9 Music Group, more confident and better prepared for what lies ahead.  Their motto is "Great songs for great artists."

The OC9 is also a place for companies, creatives in TV/Film/Theater, charities, and other organizations to find a song created specifically to forward their cause.