Rachel Sumner

Raising her family of five in Southern California, Rachel is a homemaker and a songwriter.  She has joined the OC9 after seven years of writing music with her husband Matt and the Nelsons (Nelson 2/Sumner 2).  Most recently working with Katelyn Marie, Rachel is a melodic lyricist with an acute sense for rhythm and groove who draws her inspiration from alternative rock, contemporary music, and the best of The Beatles.  First visiting Nashville in 2006, after years of living in Hawaii and traveling the world, Rachel began co-writing and networking within the music industry to support their growing family.  She's third in line of fourteen kids and strums the guitar with a coffee house feel, creating vocal melodies directed personally towards the artist and providing a natural warmth and comfort in any room.  Although she's shy about it, she also jams a pretty good flute.  Rachel works endlessly as a wife and mother and relishes her time to craft songs with her friends in the OC9, mirroring the realities of life and love in her music.