Dave Smith



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Dave Smith is a songwriter and performer currently residing in Orange County, California.  He is a member of the OC9 Music Group and Losers Like Us.  He is an ASCAP writer and publisher, publishing his songs under Pigs on the Wing Music.

Originally from Texas, Dave grew up listening to a wide range of music in the family home.  From the Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, Herb Alpert, and Los Indio Tabajaras records that his dad would play; to his mother's Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Mathis records; to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Crosby Stills, Nash, and Young, and Steely Dan albums that his older brother spun; to records by Marshall Tucker Band, the Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Janis Joplin that his older sister would crank - there was music everywhere and Dave absorbed it all.

Always fascinated by songs, Dave would read liner notes and lyrics and wonder why the songs said what they said, and who was behind creating them.  With all of the various music being played in the house, there was a wealth of song, lyrics, and mysteries to delve into.  Dave soon discovered that songs could be serious, funny, sad, descriptive, or even strange and vague, but still good, entertaining, and fascinating.  He dreamed of one day finding a song on a record with his name on the songwriting credit.

At the age of 13, Dave came across a guitar in a closet and then bought a book and taught himself the basics of playing.  Instead of learning a lot of the songs of his songwriting heroes, he began to write his own songs, a habit which he continues to this day.

Eventually, Dave moved to Southern California, and it was there that he was moved to write a song for some friends who had lost their baby to SIDS.  That song was played at the funeral and many attendees asked for copies of it.  This, in turn, led people to ask Dave, "What are you doing working a regular job, why aren't you writing songs?"  It seemed a reasonable question as that is what Dave really wanted to do so he started finding out about the business of songwriting.  That led Dave to audition for a songwriting workshop at the Songwriter' Guild of Los Angeles, conducted by Jack Segal.  Dave passed the audition and thus began a five year education where he learned an incredible amount about writing, rejection, perseverance, and the business side of songwriting.  In those workshops, Dave was introduced to, and became friends with, many other songwriters, none more important than a certain Marty Martin.

After Jack Segal passed away, Marty picked up the torch and invited several songwriters to join a group he was putting together called Breakout.  Dave was asked to join and that began a new round of songwriting sessions with a new group of writers who eventually became something altogether greater than the sum of its parts.  Several members moved to Nashville to pursue writing and performing careers and eventually the Breakout group landed a deal with Sharp Music in Nashville.  Dave was a Sharp Objects writer for three years, eventually leaving to concentrate on writing and performing with Losers Like Us, a band made up of songwriters Cliff Nelson, Bill Storms, and Dave Smith that performs their original songs.

Dave has had several independent cuts on CDs by artists such as Volcano of Soul, Marc Alan Barnette, Lisa O'Kane, Ryan Harrison, and Julie Gerber.  He has also had his songs played on local radio stations, internet radio, and he has had music in commercials on cable TV.

Dave currently performs with Losers Like Us, playing original songs in and around Orange County.  He is a member of the OC9 Music Group.  He continues to write and record his songs and put them out in the world and although he still has a regular job, the dream lives on.