Katelyn Marie, Singer Songwriter
The eclectic group of songwriters that make up The OC9 are nothing short of amazing. I feel fortunate that founders Bev and Cliff Nelson reached out to me months ago and invited me into a community of such talented and supportive people. Each member of OC9 brings their own unique set of strengths and experiences making them a group to be reckoned with. In just a few short months I feel that I have grown, not only as a songwriter, but as a person. In this area of California it is rare to find such genuine, hard working, brilliant people/songwriters and the support and encouragement I have felt from them cannot be compared and certainly was never expected! I look forward to continuing to build relationships here and to write great songs with the nine special songwriters that make up The OC9.

 Adam Gubman, Songwriter/Arranger/Composer.  Has done music for numerous video games, commercials, television, and film. 
"Cliff and Bev Nelson approach their songwriting with love, care, and craftsmanship. Their deep knowledge and understanding of structure and functionality make cowriting with them a learning experience at any level, not to mention they always keep things fresh and fun!"

 Jay Vernali, Jay’s Place Recording 1508 17th Avenue South Nashville, Tennessee 37212 Jaysplacerecording@comcast.net 615 479 7986
Let me introduce to you Cliff and Bev Nelson: songwriters extraordinaire and more important – two of the nicest and positive people you will ever meet. I first met this dynamic duo about 15 years ago and have worked closely with them on many recording and song writing projects. Their level of professionalism is beyond reproach and they are the kind of people I would want representing me in any type of situation. Feel free to contact me anytime regarding this unique and talented couple – I have many things I can share about them but the most important one is this – I am proud to call them my friends! Most sincerely, Jay Vernali

Jimbeau Hinson, Grammy Nominated, #1 Songwriter.  Songs with Oakridge Boys and Reba McEntire. 
I first met Bev and Cliff through a NSAI sponsored visit to their California home with Marc Alan Barnette… years ago. They opened their home to us and were just the best host for the event imaginable. Over the years I have spend many wonderful times at gigs and gatherings in Nashville and have come to know them as dear friends. Their heart is in the right place and their love of songs, songwriters and all that encapsulates, is what is most important to them. Do yourself a favor and lean on them to help you find your muse and then good advice on what to do next.

Doak Turner, songwriter, co-owner of www.musicstartshere.org
OC9 Songwriters are some of my favorite co-writers as they are professional, creative, talented and take the music business serious, yet have fun on the journey. Every music community could learn from what OC9 does for their own music community. I am blessed to call the OC9 friends and blessings on my music journey! Doak

Joshua Rush, Singer Songwriter
I met Cliff and Bev early on in my writing career. In fact, they were my very first co-write! From the beginning they've been a constant encouragement to me, pushing me to be a better writer. Their passion for music (and life) is absolutely infectious. It's one of my life's greatest blessings to call them my friends. Joshua Rush

Joie Scott, Emmy nominated, #1 songwriter. Nashville, TN
I have known Bev and Cliff Nelson for the past 14 years and I can't find enough words to speak to the impeccable character of these two amazing people. They are talented, committed, trust-worthy and bring a huge positive spirit to everything they do. They pour their hearts into their work as well as the people they work with. And last, but not least, Bev and Cliff are, without doubt, two of the nicest, most considerate folks I've ever met. ~ Joie Scott ~

Danielle Vernengo Hobert, Singer, Songwriter
"Bev and Cliff are two of the most encouraging, generous and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They truly care about the artists they meet and have so much knowledge and creativity to share with them. They always give 110% of themselves in whatever project they are working on. Bev and Cliff taught me so much. I would not be where I am today without them." Danielle Vernengo Hobert Drama Teacher/Director/Playwright

MARC-ALAN BARNETTE, Singer/Songwriter/Mentor/Teacher  
OC 9. “CAREER PIVOT POINTS” By MARC-ALAN BARNETTE In every music career, there are “pivot points”, those times where something or someone happens to send a career into a completely unlooked for positive direction. It can be a connection of a hit song, that magic time when all the hard work comes together for an artist and their music, finding their voice, or a group or individuals that can touch all around them in a positive light. The “OC9” songwriting group is one of those “pivot points.” Having known the nucleus, Cliff and Bev Nelson, (?) and various other members, for over 15 years, they allowed me to find a purpose for myself, in teaching and mentoring songwriters and artists around the world. Their efforts to find venues for their music, building the spirit of a songwriting and artist network, finding their own musical voices and talents, as well as helping others unselfishly have been one of the most impressive things I have ever encountered in a usually self-absorbed business. Their desire to help others while helping themselves, truly embody the right spirit. They’re follow through is amazing. Doing focused trips to write record, perform, their building of careers in their own community, they do the one thing you have to do with music, TOUCH LIVES. Their own writing, which is first rate industry standards, to those they help develop as writers and artists, go above and beyond what anything else I have seen in my nearly 35 year music career. Anyone involved with this group in any capacity, will find a career boost, an electric fellowship and benefit in more ways than can be listed in a short introduction. They are truly “The rising tide that lifts all boats. They are THE PIVOT POINT. Marc-Alan Barnette is a singer/songwriter/mentor teacher of the craft of songwriting and performance and the business of music based in Nashville, Tn. He has had songs recorded by GRAMMY WINNER SHELBY LYNNE, Country stars David Ball and John Berry, and has mentored hit artists FRANKIE BALLARD, The VOICE’S MEGAN LINSEY, and Canadian award nominees PETRIC. He teaches workshops and seminars worldwide as well as hosting “Musical Tours of Nashville”.

Mary Welch Francis, “Tonight the Heartache’s on Me”, “Whiskey if You Were a Woman”
I am supposed to be a wordsmith, but when it comes to describing what great people Bev and Cliff Nelson are the words have not been coined yet. I met them years ago when I was the NSAI Coordinator for their part of California. They opened their homes and hearts to me and made me a part of their family. Their generosity and love of people and music and all that makes living worthwhile is something that you rarely find in one person, much less two. Their ability to bring people from various backgrounds and creative abilities together where they become "one song" is nothing short of miraculous. I wish them all the very best in their new endeavor. Love you guys!! ---- Mary Welch Francis